Ferry ? – Weekly Photo Challenge : Tiny

Yagiri no watashi links Shibamata in Tokyo with Yagiri in Chiba, where I live, across the river Edogawa in Japan.
Watashi in ‘Yagiri no watashi’ is shortened form ‘watashibune’.
When I look up ‘watashibune’ in Japanese-English dictionary, ferry is used in translation.
I feel that ‘Yagiri no watashi is too ‘ tiny ‘ to be referred as a ferry.
How do you think ?

Yagiri Ferry ?


3 thoughts on “Ferry ? – Weekly Photo Challenge : Tiny

  1. I agree with you. In my mind ferry(not the word itself but the concept: I am not native English speaker) is also linked with something big and large. But ferry may be of different size, I think(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferry). We can use even small boat for crossing over water, can’t we?
    As for Japanese word ‘watashibune’, it serves perfectly for denoting something meant for ‘taking across’ the river regardless to size, I think.

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