Wwwp5k at Yagiri and Shibamata in Japan

I walked to take part in Worldwide WP5K.
I started to walk near Yagiri staiton.

Yagiri station

Walked for about 500 meters , I arrived at Yagiri Shrine.

Yagiri Shrine
Yagiri Shrine

at 1.5K

Can you see Tokyo Sky Tree ?

at 2K

Yagiri ferry boat.
Yagiri ferry boat.

I got aboard the boat to across Edo River.
After getting off , I walked to Shibamata staition.

Shibamata staition
Shibamata staition

I walked from this station to Shibamata Taishakuten.

The gate of Shibamata Taishakuten

After walking for about 5K, I arrived at Shin-Shibamata station..

Shin-Shibama station
Shin-Shibama station

This staition and Yagiri station belong to Hokusō Line.

The other pictures are here(Yagiri) and here(Shibamata)

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