Japanese statue wearing Hawaiian Hula

These pictures were taken in Tatebayashi , Japan.
In the city, it was very hot ,38 degrees centigrade , yesterday.
The one was taken in May 5th. Japanese statues of raccoon dogs is wearing traditional costume for boys.

The other one was taken in July 21st.
They were wearing Hawaian Hula , however they are Japanese style statues.

Love them.

12 thoughts on “Japanese statue wearing Hawaiian Hula

  1. After seeing a picture of raccoon dogs wearing hula skirts, I am now quite close to officially seeing everything. Thanks for the photo.

  2. i love how they dress the statues in japan. i was in akita in april and saw a statue of a little boy with a santa hat on… mind you it was still snowing!

    lovely pics ;0)

      1. haha, yes very cold, that’s what everybody told me when i arrived at the airport! lucky for the statue, he had a hat and scarf :0)

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