2012 in review

WordPress.com 統計チームは、2012年のあなたのブログの年間まとめレポートを用意しました。 概要はこちらです。 2012年にエベレスト山の登頂に成功したのは600名でした。2012年にこのブログは約6,100回表示されました。もしエベレストに登った人たちだけがブログを見たとすると、同じ表示数に達するには10年間かかる計算になります。 レポートをすべて見るにはクリックしてください。 Ooops ! The original annual report was written in English . Continue reading 2012 in review

Festive and Surprise , Seeing Tokyo Sky Tree

From my Japanese post. Tokyo Sky Tree has special festive floodlighting styles from 23 to 25 December . They are called ‘White Tree (snow white and fir green)’ and Candle Tree(snow white and flame red ). I was to Asakusa to see them . I was surprised and disappointed to see a crane ship before Tokyo Sky Tree . My friend, ‘ AMAEBI ! ‘ shows very nice photos and a movie . Please see it(Japanese) . Continue reading Festive and Surprise , Seeing Tokyo Sky Tree

Delicate in the elevator of Tokyo Sky Tree

The post by blparham gave me an idea . There are four elevators in Tokyo Sky Tree between the entrance flour and TEMBO DECK( 350meters above ). They correspond to four seasons . They are said that the each elevator has delicate message . I found in the “Spring” elevator . The cherry blossom looks like transforming into the butterfly . It is delicate , isn’t it ? The pictures of the other elevators are in my Japanese post as following . The four elevators for TEMBO DECK in Tokyo Sky Tree . Continue reading Delicate in the elevator of Tokyo Sky Tree