My anxiety about cherry blossoms

Today , I saw cherry blossoms as the followin picture as I wrote in the other post .

The others are in my Japanese post .
I am really pleased .

What is my (or our) anxiety ?
It is the blossoms will fall before the planned floodlight .
This winter was very colder than this season in the other years .
Actually ,in this winter ume blossoms bloomed later than them in the other years.
We , who live in this area , thought that the cherry blosomms bloom afer the end of March .
So , the floodlight was scheduled for 29th March to 12th April .
In actual , the cherry blossoms has bloomed since this week .
I am afraid that they fall before the floodlight .

Here is the picture of the floodlight in the last year .
I wish to see it !

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