Editing my title and tagline

It is today’s assingnment to edit my title and tagline in “Zero to Hero“. Uh, my title is Summerfield84’s English blog. As I wrote yesterday, my handle is Arnold Summerfield. Should I change my title to “Summerfield’s English blog”? I decide not to change. Because, “Summerfield84” is used not only in Blogs Title, but also in Twitter account and so on. Actually, sites about me are shown by Search engine with “summerfield84”. For example, here is searched results by Google. My tagline was “Sorry, my poor English ability.” This was unsuitable to show readers “What’s this blog about” . So, … Continue reading Editing my title and tagline

Introduce myself

“Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog” was started in The Daily Post in January 3rd(JST). The first task is “Introduce yourself”. I have writen this English blog since February 2011. I go back to initial enthusiasm on this occasion. Who I am. My handle is Arnold Summerfield. I am a Japanese. As I wrote in “About Me“, I live in Yagari, Matsudo City, Chiba Prefectuer, Japan. Why I’m here. I like seeing a landscape or scenery and taking their pictures. So, I had started my Japanese blog in Window Live Spaces since 2005. And I moved my … Continue reading Introduce myself