Introduce myself

I'm a Zero to Hero Blogger!
Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog” was started in The Daily Post in January 3rd(JST).
The first task is “Introduce yourself”.
I have writen this English blog since February 2011.
I go back to initial enthusiasm on this occasion.

Who I am.
My handle is Arnold Summerfield.
I am a Japanese.
As I wrote in “About Me“, I live in Yagari, Matsudo City, Chiba Prefectuer, Japan.

Why I’m here.
I like seeing a landscape or scenery and taking their pictures.
So, I had started my Japanese blog in Window Live Spaces since 2005.
And I moved my Japanese blog in, in June 11,2010.
I have been interested in The Daily Post AT since 2011.
Especially, my favorite is Weekly Photo Challenge.
To take part in Weekly Photo Challenge,
I sat up this English blog in spite of my poor English ability.
In my first English post, I shared this picture taken near my house.

Mt.Fuji with Yagiri no watashi

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