Revised my “About me” and “Welcome !”

I revised About me to answer the questions by Kanzen sakura. About me | Summerfield84’s English blog Also done “Welcome !” post in my Japanese blog. Welcome ! | Summerfield84’s Blog Continue reading Revised my “About me” and “Welcome !”

A HUGE STATUE of Buddha in Kamagaya, Japan ?

This weekly theme is perspective. It reminds me Kamagaya ‘Daibutsu’. I had heard that there is a Daibutsu in Kamagaya neighboring Matsudo where I live. ‘Daibutsu’ is meaning a huge statue of Buddha in Japanese, according to my Japanese – English dictionary. For example, ‘Daibutsu’ of Tōdai-ji is very famous and called Nara Daibutsu. So, I visited to see Kamagaya Daibutsu. This picture was taken in June, 2013. And , one more. I wondered if it is huge, when I saw it. In Wikipedia, it was called ‘Kamagaya Great Buddha‘. Continue reading A HUGE STATUE of Buddha in Kamagaya, Japan ?

An abandoned platform in Narita Airport

Have you been to Narita Internation Airport in Japan ? There are three train station, Narita Airport(Terminal 1) Station, Airport Terminal 2 Station, and Higashi-Narita Station. These pictures were taken in Higashi-Narita Station. Can you see “Higahi-Narita” the station name ? In back ground, you can see an abandoned platform, can’t you ? In the platform, the station name is Narita Airport, as following picture. What is it meaning ? Narita International Airport was opened in 1978. In those day, there was a train station named as “Narita Airport Station”. In 1991, this station name was changed to “Higashi Narita … Continue reading An abandoned platform in Narita Airport