An abandoned platform in Narita Airport

Have you been to Narita Internation Airport in Japan ?
There are three train station, Narita Airport(Terminal 1) Station, Airport Terminal 2 Station, and Higashi-Narita Station.
These pictures were taken in Higashi-Narita Station.

Can you see “Higahi-Narita” the station name ?
In back ground, you can see an abandoned platform, can’t you ?
In the platform, the station name is Narita Airport, as following picture.

What is it meaning ?
Narita International Airport was opened in 1978.
In those day, there was a train station named as “Narita Airport Station”.
In 1991, this station name was changed to “Higashi Narita Station”, and the platform was closed.
Because, “Narita Airport (Terminal 1) Station was opened.

5 thoughts on “An abandoned platform in Narita Airport

  1. I visited Japan / Tokyo in 1970, so this was not opened, I think. Finnair flies seven days a week to Narita terminal 2. I worked for Finnair nearly 40 years.

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