Blue spots in the pictures

These photos were taken in Itako, Japan, the last Saturday. Iris festival have been held. The Iris flowers were floodlit in the night. Can you see blue spots extra in the following photos. What are they ? They are Inori Boshi setted on the river near the Iris Garden. Please, see also this post about the old custom with wooden boats in this town. Continue reading Blue spots in the pictures

Can you see Mt.Tsukuba ?

Yesterday, I went to Katori and Itako to see the Iris festival. あやめ祭り2014@水郷 千葉県&茨城県 | Summerfield84’s Blog The related post in my Japanese blog If you are interested in it, please feel free to tell me to put into English through leaving a reply. I will do. On the way, I took this scenery seen from the train window. Mt.Tsukuba can be seen extra in this picture. I have not found until today. Continue reading Can you see Mt.Tsukuba ?

The late spring AND/OR early summer

This picture was taken in Koiwa Iris Garden in Edogawa,Japan, yesterday. As I wrote in the other post, When azalea blossoms are blooming, I feel it is late spring. When do I feel that it is early summer ? The hydrangeas are blooming. When I took the picture, i feel spring is going and summer is coming. There are the other pictures taken in Koiwa Iris Garden. 5月末日の小岩菖蒲園@東京都江戸川区 | Summerfield84’s BlogThe related post in my Japanese blog This is my entry for this weekly photo challenge “Split-Second Story”. Continue reading The late spring AND/OR early summer