Getting off Echigo-Yuzawa Station

I think it is an adventure to get off a station what I usually pass through. I had not gotten off Echigo-Yuzawa Station. Because, I usually pass through it to change Jōetsu Shinkansen and Hokuetsu Express Hokuhoku Line. Last Thursday, I got off to have a lunch. I took the following pictures. Continue reading Getting off Echigo-Yuzawa Station

The adventure for me

I take Jōban_Line, when I go to the north of Ibaraki Prefecture. The following was taken in the train near Takahama Station. I like this scenery, but I had not gotten off this station for about ten years. So, I went in this summer. Is an adventrure ? Koise River pours into Lake Kasumigaura. The mouth is near Takahama Station. In the upper reaches of the river, Mt.Tsukuba can be seen. And, I found Takaha Shrine, which has thatched roofs in late ancient or early medieval Japanese style. Continue reading The adventure for me