Ume blossoms bloomed.

These pictures were taken in Touzen-ji temple in Matsudo in Japan, last Sunday.
Ume, Japanese apricot, blossoms have bloomed.
watermarked photo (2016-02-19-1830)-2-1
watermarked photo (2016-02-14-1556)-1

There are the other pictures in the following.

2/14(日)に行ってきた東漸寺です。 このお寺は、枝垂れ桜と紅葉のイメージが強いんですが、梅を見に行ってきま…

my Japanese post 東漸寺の梅@千葉県松戸市 – Arnold Summerfieldのブログ

I had not visited this temple in this season.
Because, I usually visit to see the weeping cherry blossoms or red leaves like followings.

Seeing the weeping cherry blossoms in this temple in April 1, 2015.

my Japanese post枝垂れ桜2015@松戸市小金宿の東漸寺 – Summerfield84’s Blog

Seeing the red and yellow leaves in December 6, 2015

my Japanese post紅葉2015(1)@東漸寺 – Arnold Summerfieldのブログ

I’d like you to enjoy these posts without reading Japanese.

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