A burned field in Japan

These pictures were taken in Watarase-yusuichi, Japan, last Saturday.
In this day, the sky was half-light
watermarked photo (2016-03-28-1925)-1
On the left hand in the picture, it is not cloud, but smoke.

There is a burned field with fire and smoke on the ground.
watermarked photo (2016-03-29-2329)watermarked photo (2016-03-29-2330)watermarked photo (2016-03-28-1924)-2What happened ?

It is the burning dead reeds under the control.watermarked photo (2016-03-28-1922)-2-1
Can you see some persons in following pictures?
watermarked photo (2016-03-29-2328)watermarked photo (2016-03-28-1923)-1
They’re playing golf near the burned field.

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