Fukuroda Falls

I am staying in Fukuroda , Daigo . These pictures were taken , today . It is cold in spite of no snow . So , they are partially frozen . Fukuroda Falls are four steps type . They are multiple , aren’t they ? In the evening , they were floodlit . From Ailsa’s Travel Theme Continue reading Fukuroda Falls


This picture was taken in Tatsumi Station. Tatsumi is written 辰巳 in Chinese character . Tatsu(辰) is meaning Dragon and Mi(巳) is meaning Snake . In Earthly Branches or Chinese astrology , 2012 is the year of the Dragon(Tatsu) year , and 2013 is the year of the Snake(Mi) . So, the plate of Station-name is decorated , inserting an arrow between 辰(Tatsu) and 巳(Mi) . It is a good idea , isn’t it ? I WISH YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Summerfield84 Continue reading HAPPY NEW YEAR

Festive and Surprise , Seeing Tokyo Sky Tree

From my Japanese post. Tokyo Sky Tree has special festive floodlighting styles from 23 to 25 December . They are called ‘White Tree (snow white and fir green)’ and Candle Tree(snow white and flame red ). I was to Asakusa to see them . I was surprised and disappointed to see a crane ship before Tokyo Sky Tree . My friend, ‘ AMAEBI ! ‘ shows very nice photos and a movie . Please see it(Japanese) . Continue reading Festive and Surprise , Seeing Tokyo Sky Tree