Yokohama Landmark Tower

Today’s theme is ‘Landmark‘.
I usually have posted about Mt.Fuji, Tokyo Tower or Tokyo Sky Tree.
Today, I don’t.
I’d like to share the photos of Yokohama Landmark Tower.
These ones were taken in Tokyo Sky Tree.

Zooming for Yokohama

Zooming for Yokohama

The following photos were taken the tower with Mt.Fuji in Yokohama.

Connect – Photography 101

This picture was taken on a ferry in July, 2013.
The post by Tilly reminds me this picture.
This bridge is connecting the islands of Honshu and Shikoku in Japan.

Bliss and Solitude

I could not post for Day 4: Bliss, yesterday.
So, I’d like to share this picture for both Bliss and Solitude in Photography 101.
It was taken in a park, Ichikawa, Japan.
In the park, I found a couple sitting on the bench.
They seem Muslim in bliss.
By the way, could you see a man in solitude, sitting on another bench in right-hand ?

The scene reminded me “Peace & Love”.

At lake Imba

This picture was taken at Lake Imba, Sakura, last month.
This is my 2nd post for Photo101: Water.

Descent to the Rose Garden

These pictures were taken in Keisei Rose Garden, Yachiyo, Japan.
Descent is necessary to enter the garden.

There are the other pictures in my Japanese blog.
I’d like you to enjoy them without reading Japanese.

Photography 101: Water

Today’s theme is Water in Photography101.
I like seeing / taking pictures something reflected in the surface of water.

in Fukuoka Dam

in Fukuoka Dam, April, 2014.

Photography 101: Street (2)

This picture was taken in Matsudo, Japan, March 23, 2013.
The street is named Sakura Douri meaning Cherry blossoms Street.