Peach blossoms in Koga

These pictures were taken in Koga, Japan, April, 2011.

This post is my 3rd contribution to Refraction in Weekly Photo Challenge at DairyPost.WordPress.COM.

Cherry blossoms reflecting in Fukuoka Dam

This picture was taken in the bank of Fukuoka Dam, Japan, 5th, April, 2014.
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Fireworks reflecting in Edo River

These pictures were taken in Nagareyama, August, 2013.
In both pictrues, Tokyo Sky Tree also reflected in the river.
Can you see ?
This is my contribution to “Refraction” in Weekly Photo Challenge,

TokyoSkyTree reflecting in the river

This weekly theme is “Refraction” in Weekly Photo Challenge,

For this photo challenge, show us what “refraction” means to you. It could be an image taken in a reflective surface, it could be light bent from behind an object, or it could mean remedial math homework: the choice is completely up to you. I’m looking forward to seeing how you interpret “refraction.”

Well, I’d like to share this picture.
I took it near TokyoSkyTree, when I walked along the river, as I wrote in the other post,

There are the related pictures in my Japanese post.

A double-bladed lightsaber ?!

Is this a double-bladed lightsaber ?
Of course, no. It is Tokyo SkyTree.

The panoramic composition of them.

This is my contribution to Dreamy, Week Photo Challenge at DairyPost,

The ‘Red’ Sky

This picture was taken in the last Friday.
We could see the cloud was shone red by the Sun beyond the horizon just after sunset.
I gathered the tweets with dreamy photos in my Japanese post.

TokyoSkyTree in a drizzling rain

This picture was taken in May 23, 2013.
It is TokyoSkyTree(634meters tall).
On the earth, we could not see its observation flour(340meters above) .
I felt something dreamy.