The pedestrian bridge in Yagiri .

In the other post , POM-san asked me where I took the photo .
I took it at the pedestrian bridge in Yagiri .
I’d like to explain in this post.
As I posted , I live near Yagiri station.
It is easy to come this station from Narita Airport.

In Narita Airport , you need to take ’Access Express’ train and change to local service of Hokuso Line on same track at Higashi-matsudo station .

Here is the road from the Yagiri station to the bridge .
The views on the way are following.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In evening , you can see Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree like this .

This picture was taken , today .

9 thoughts on “The pedestrian bridge in Yagiri .

  1. Thank you for your kindness.I really appreciate 😀 that’s very nice explanation (分かりやすい) .One day I will be there for taking a photo:D with my poor camera:(

  2. I have never seen a pothole in any pictures of Japan. The roads there appear almost perfect and pristine.

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